Secret Spirit

by Secret Spirit

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released December 1, 2018

Jordan Hill: Vocals
Corey Gregoire: Guitar/Vox
Brenden Meade: Guitar/Vox
Roy Hebert: Bass
Kory Boutin: Drums

Recorded at Blackheart Sound + Pretty Spooky Sounds in Manchester, NH.
Engineered and Mixed by Brenden Meade
Mastered by Jesse Cannon at Found Soundation Recording Studios


all rights reserved



Secret Spirit Manchester, New Hampshire

Melodic punk rock from future punk dads


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Track Name: Feel Good
No you don’t know how long this play goes on or when your song starts
And those god damn “what if’s” will follow you home and swallow you whole so go
I’ve been spending all my spare time and my spare dimes and my patience trying to scrape up $2.08
Tied up in my loose ends getting hard to make sense of basic information yeah
I just want to feel good
I just want to live like I should
Doing things we know we should not

And I’d bet the devil my own god damn heart that your armor is heavier than you thought
So I’ve been climbing walls and jumping fences to let you know you’re more than padlocks and knots

And I’m drowning
I’ve been drinking like a fish my head is pounding
Rolling in the dirt just to stay grounded
Wound up from the ground up
Doubled up but good luck telling me you think I’ve had enough
I just want to feel good
I’ve just got to thin out my blood
Track Name: Good Judgement
Lilac purple circles arrive below our eyes
And scare tissue issued through years of scraping by
But I won’t let the world weigh me down because I’m coming alive
I’ll let it roll off like rain
As I pull over and look over federal hill road my memory rolls back over the rows of milestones
Sometimes I am up and sometimes this
World has got me fucked up
I’ll let it roll off like rain
I’ll make the best of bright gray

I’ve got rotting boards in the floor and my paint is peeling
Do I follow my good judgements or my gut feeling
I’ve thought it over and it seems risky
Do I follow my good judgment or this cheap whiskey
I’m all out of patience
I’ve got clouded vision
Is there really a safe decision
Of merely a more blissful way of sinking
Track Name: Machine Operator
Every day when I punch in I’m helping somebody else win
By the time that I punch out I’m too tired to sort my life out
From the day that i was born until I’m sleeping in my grave I’ll be a slave
But at least the road is paved
Take a long hard look at yourself
Can’t you see you’ve got to be free
Or the things you want for yourself will just to dust on a shelf

What stories will I have to tell
If I’m nothing but a machine operator in hell
I knew this guy who worked twelve hour shifts seven days a week
One day my mans heart just gave out
He moved his whole family here from India
He said “it’s a trap, it’s a load of crap, there is no fucking way out.”
He told me “this is no life”
He told me “you’ve gotta be free”
“Invest in yourself, relearn the meaning of wealth”

This body is my machine and I will operate it however I please
Track Name: Harpoon
Don’t have my respect
And I regret
All the time I sat around while you spit your hateful rhetoric
I’m seeing red
Whole lot of white
Split your lungs with thunder and blood
Looking for your whale to gut
Don’t forget you made your bed
I’m not fuckin sleeping yet
Wonder what the families think
Wonder how your families cope
Wonder what the families will think
When every fucking nazis’ dead
No point in sleeping
When I don’t even dream
No fan of sports
But I got my team
I won’t put my hands down
You dirty fascists
We’ll build our own empires
On your ashes
Don’t tell me who not to punch
Don’t tell me what not to break
Don’t tell us who not to punch
Don’t tell us what not to break
Fuck you and your old world shit
Track Name: Secret Spirit
It’s time we moved from one shell to another
It’s time we sift through our own cells like sand
Like thousands of microscopic fluorescent lightbulbs
Everything burnt out or flickering will be replaced
I stepped out this morning and everything was bright grey
I’ll snap through this cool wet air like a sun flare
No more keeping secrets
I am what I am and that’s that
I’m letting this wet jet black cat out of the bag
You can be anything that you want to
You can be anyone that you want to be
Stand up for your brothers
Look out for your sisters
Look out for the others
Look out for each other
Track Name: Fault Lines
We drove up mulholland drive in the rain
It was dark when we parked your Camaro in the muddy break down lane
And I stepped my dirty chucks into your palms and you hoisted me up to see the city lights at night

Tonight in Santa Monica I cant say that I want to come back home
Wondering where I belong while wandering the city streets alone
Let it all soak in before we’re old and broken

We drove out to Joshua tree park
We spent Christmas in the dessert
We climbed rocks until our legs hurt
Our cheeks and noses turn red in the dark

We sat on the trunk of your car after we turned the headlights off
On the side of the highway in the dark
You said “it’s been so long since I’ve seen stars”
Track Name: Gun Fever (Too Hot)
Police reform in the USA
One bullet two bullet three bullet four
Innocent blood on the floor
How much more
watch white America raise hell for their right to bare arms
While people of color who carry or not fill up cemetery lots
When a driving violation could cost you your life
Shot down in front of your children and your wife
You’d think that the NRA would have so much more to say
About the second amendment rights of those being publicly executed by the state
But will they?
Track Name: Jed To Me
I don’t wanna go to your party
Where you jerk each other off
And talk about your economic anxiety

It’s not okay
Fuck your old world

Why can you look me in the eye
Cuz you cross your “party lines”
Middle class and marginalized
Still down to capitalize
You’ve got some fucked up ideals
You’ve fucking twisted yourself
Not here to be on your side
Don’t ask the world to fucking fight

I’m flippin exhausted my dude
Track Name: Old Feeling
I saw silver spider webs shining in scattered moonlight
As I was walking through that iron gate on union street last midnight
Each September and October that old feeling washes over this old town and settles down between the bricks and cracks in the mortar

When it was quiet my eyes could talk to yours
The only tears of joy I ever shed were behind those bedroom doors
And I wore them around my neck and over my wrists
It’s something that I missed all the time
The way that you kissed with cold lips on nights like this

When that old feeling pressed into the center of my chest it never left

Do you remember beaming hand in hand down union street
Crunching intentionally through piles of dead leaves
I remember skipping class just to get stoned
Pulling over and fucking on the side of the road
We fogged up your windows
Track Name: Mother Fucker
Yeah motherfucker
Where the fuck should I start
Shall I dissect every chamber of your heart
To find where the fuck you get off
Trying to hunt a lone wolf with the same technique you hunt for sheep
When the teeth sink in the skin then so will reality
You’ve got no god damn respect
But still I wouldn’t expect this
I can’t believe you had the nerve
I can’t believe you think that you deserve the prizes you are seeking
What the fuck were you thinking

You’ve got some balls
I think I’ll cut ‘em off
Track Name: Anything Anywhere
Me and my friends have been having doubts
Staying up late just worrying about everything
We’ve been so tired why are we still awake
Drawing up our plans for running away
Me and my friends have been blacking out
One by one we’ve been breaking down
We’ve been freaking out

And it doesn’t matter much if we stay or if we run
Because were only good for nights like this one
Let’s climb on top of the van
Let’s stay as long as we can

I’ve been having really fucked up dreams
I’m so tired no matter how much I sleep
I’m afraid to find out what they mean
I’m so god damn tired of trying to keep up
I’ve been doing really fucked up things to my body living across from a 24 hour convenience store

I think about it most when I feel like a ghost
Daydreaming about tearing down the east coast
I’m not running from regret looking for a reset or keeping any god damn secrets
But baby we’ll be running
We’ll he running away from
Anything anywhere

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